eyewear >> which frames fit me?

Most people’s facial features are a mixture of their facial shape and the colour tone of their skin. Here are some of the most common kinds of face shapes and complexion types to help you assess the frames that best fit your features:


Pale Complexion If you have blond or light coloured hair and pale skin complexion.

Try: Lightweight metal frames or frames with a hint of colour, such as rose or amber. Tortoise shell frames are an option, as long as they are not too dark.

Avoid: Clear crystal frames, which can be too colourless, also blue and green tinged frames tend to drain the colour from pale complexions.


Dark Complexion If you have olive, Mediterranean, golden or Asian skin and rich black hair.

Try: Silver, gold or clear frames also burgundy and brown colours can enhance your features.

Avoid: Black, which can be too heavy.


Black Complexion If you have black hair and dark skin.

Try: All metallic frames and amber colours.

Avoid: Depending on style black is either wonderful or awful. Colours rarely contribute to overall style unless bright, fun or specially chosen to work with a particular outfit.


Oval Faces have a slightly wider forehead than jaw, well balanced and softly rounded.

Try: Just about any frame, but especially angular or rounded aviators and modern small, geometric styles.

Avoid: Large, old-fashioned styles.


Round Faces that are short and fairly wide with full cheeks and a round chin.

Try: Slimming styles. Elongated shapes work well as long as they are not too shallow. Square and up-swept styles can help to highlight the upper face.

Avoid: Small and round or very large shapes which make the face look even rounder.


Heart Shaped Faces with a small, neat chin and mouth, tapering up and out to a broader forehead.

Try: Delicate, rounded or squarish styles.

Avoid: Heart shaped styles.


Square Faces For strong and angular or short and wide faces.

Try: Round or oval styles that soften the jaw line.

Avoid: Shapes that emphasise squareness.


Long Faces with high cheek bones, deep forehead and a strong chiselled jaw line.

Try: Wider frames that counter the faces narrowness. Frames with a strong ‘top line’ or rounded ‘owl’ styles can work well.

Avoid: Small, square styles.

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