Here’s how our eyecare plan can help you to save money on your glasses and contact lenses

Spreading the cost of a Comprehensive Eyecare package – for people who value their eyesight

The Problem

The cost of providing eye examination is underfunded by the NHS.

The NHS does not fund investment in advanced instrumentation such as digital retinal and anterior eye cameras, corneal topographers and optic nerve scanners that we use in our eye examinations. These are things that help us take better care of your eyes!

A large part of the cost of providing our eye examination and the advanced instrumentation we use has to be subsidised by the sale of spectacles.

If everyone has an eye exam with us and purchases spectacles elsewhere, we will not survive to provide that service in years to come.

The Solution

You can help us to address these shortfalls, to secure the further development of your unique practice and save you money too!

By paying the true cost of an eye examination, you would benefit in return from huge savings on your spectacles. Makes sense doesn’t it?

As a member of our exclusive Purple Spectacle Eyecare plan, you pay just £8.00 per month and receive:

Unlimited eyecare appointments with access to all additional tests and instrumentation at no extra charge (value £100)

25% off ALL spectacle frames

25% off ALL spectacle lenses when glazed into a new frame

25% off ALL prescription sunglasses

20% off ALL non-prescription sunglasses

AND… if you are entitled to a free NHS sight test, then we will further reduce the cost of your spectacles by the value of the NHS sight test fee!

AND you can even use an NHS voucher towards the cost of your spectacles, if you are entitled to one.

Example of spectacle savings

Cost saving of an average pair of branded spectacles frames (sold at £120) = £30

Cost of saving of an average pair of Essilor branded varifocal spectacles (sold at £320) = £80.00

Total Saving = £110.00

And don’t forget you do not need to pay for an eye examination up front, and we can also use ALL NHS contributions towards your glasses too.

Special Offer

You’ll have to be quick…

Join the Purple Scheme today and receive your first month’s Purple membership absolutely free! This offer will only apply to the first 10 customers who join each month so don’t delay – sign up today!

It’s simple! Just call us on 0114 274 8582 (Woodseats) or 0114 266 7066 (Crosspool) or speak to a member of staff at either practice. To read more, click here to view our spectacles plan leaflet, or click here to view our contact lens plan leaflet.

Our Purple guarantee to you

Our purple eyecare plan will include unlimited consultations and professionally dispensed high quality spectacles. Our Purple Eyecare package gives you peace of mind and complete confidence in our service. If we don’t meet the high standards you expect from us, we will give you a courteous exchange of your spectacles within 30 days, no questions asked.


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