welcome to alex gage family optometrist

Optometrists Alex and Sarah Gage

Located in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Alex Gage is a two practice family optometric business that is proud to provide a warm welcome and affordable vision services for the whole family in convenient locations.

From its practices in Woodseats to the south of Sheffield and Crosspool to the west of the city, Alex, his wife Sarah and his team of experienced optometric and dispensing staff provide free advice and an extensive range of optical services including eye tests, contact lens fitting, sports vision screening, diabetic screening and fundus photography.

Alex and Sarah Gage

Please call us on 0114 274 8582 for Woodseats and 0114 266 7066 for Crosspool.

Please pop in and see how we may be able to help you and your sight.

By the way

In case you are wondering what’s the difference between an optician and an optometrist, an optician is qualified to make and supply glasses and contact lenses but an optometrist (also known as an ophthalmic optician) is qualified to measure eyesight, prescribe corrective lenses and detect eye disease.

Please contact us at Woodseats or Crosspool if you’d like to know more!

13 Responses to welcome to alex gage family optometrist

  1. Caroline says:

    Can I ask, are you part of Westfield claims?

    • Dear Caroline, we have many clients who claim from Westfield. As far as I am aware we do not have to join anything just supply you with a receipt for service or goods purchased.

  2. Sally says:

    Are you able to treat lazy eye in adults. Im booked into have corrective laser eye surgery and i also have an astigmatism and wanted to know before the laser surgery if there anyhing which can be done. Ive read it can only be treated up to the age of 8 but ive also recently read that adults can be helped too?? Thank you in advancd

    • Dear Sally

      Sorry for the delayed response we close at 1pm on Saturday and I didn’t see your message until this morning.

      I cannot make any promises about treating lazy eyes, but actually this is a bit of a misnomer.
      The brain makes the best use of the information it gets. If the visual information from one eye is not very good then it tends to ignore it. Luckily brain plasticity lasts long into our lifetime not just until age of 8. What we need to do is correct any prescription to make sure the picture each eye can provide for the brain is as good as it can be. This can be complicated if the prescription is significantly different in the two eyes.

      I can’t give you much more information without making it more specific to you. To do that I would need to do an eye exam. I am more than happy to see you and give you an up to date prescription and give more advice.

      I can see you at woodseats practice 01142748582 on Monday or Wednesdays or Crosspool practice 01142667066 on Tuesday or Thursday. Saturdays I alternate between the two practices.

      When are you booked to have laser done?
      Where do you live?

      Give us a call and I’ll do what I can.

      Kind regards

      Alex Gage

  3. Steph Gray-Blest says:

    I’ve read an article about behavioural optometry and am interested in an assessment for my daughter who also has a recent diagnosis of autism

    • I can call you or you can call Crosspool branch this afternoon, I’ll be there from 1pm but have appointments booked.
      I’m more than happy to see your daughter, do you live near Sheffield?
      Kind regards

  4. Just wanted to say a big thank you for fixing the screw on my sons glasses this morning. Your staff went above and beyond what I thought anyone would do for free. Superb service !

  5. Terrie says:

    Hi.. Can I ask how much you charge to check my son’s eyes for convergence.
    Thank you

    • Hi Terrie If your son is under 16 or under 19 in full time education the NHS will pay for him to have an eye exam. This will include checking his convergence. If there is reduced convergence and this needs further investigation we can explain what the options are at that point. Hope that helps kind regards Alex

  6. marie jones mrs says:

    is your practice wheelchair friendly for paralyzed person needs to stay in her chair for eye test

    • Hi Marie the doors are standard width but everything is on one level from street to exam room with a small lip at the threshold. We have had standard wheelchairs getting through but we may struggle with larger models. When you book let us know and we can extend the appointment to make sure we have enough time and don’t have to rush.

  7. Dr Trevor Winstanley says:

    What a fantastic logo!

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