for sports

Glasses are just not suitable in sport so most people switch to conventional daytime contact lenses but even they have their limitations. Nothing beats 20/20 natural vision for playing sports.

Ortho-k contact lenses offer shortsighted people a revolutionary new way to achieve natural vision during the day without laser surgery. They are especially suitable contact lenses for swimming, diving,  watersports, trampolining & gymnastics and contact sports.

With ortho-k contact lenses which are only worn at night correct your vision while you sleep. They are then removed in the morning leaving you free to maximise your performance in your chosen sport.

“I am now able to play a full rugby match knowing that my vision is 100% and not worrying that a lens might come out during a tackle or scrum. I wore i-GO’s special overnight vision correction lenses throughout the recent Rugby World Cup tournament where we reached the Final.” Jo McGilchrist, England Rugby International .

“I can now spar and train and do all the things I need to do in the comfort of knowing I can see properly. It makes such a difference in the ring especially on fight night. i-GO overnight vision correction will help me on the path to hopefully be fighting for the British title – it’s absolutely brilliant for me.” Akaash Bhatia, Professional Boxer (Southern Area Featherweight Champion) .

“I found the freedom of not having to wear glasses and contact lenses when doing activities such as swimming and running the biggest life change Chris Bennet, Competitive Triathlete and Optician.

Courtesy of i-GO lenses website

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