Please join us to celebrate our first anniversary in Crosspool

A Sheffield Optometrist is celebrating the first anniversary of his move to Crosspool with a celebration for his clients on 4th September.
Alex Gage relocated his Family Optometrist practice from Broomhill to Sandygate Road last September and is so delighted with the move that he’s providing tea and cakes to say thank you to his new and existing clients.
Alex said; “Since we moved here, we’ve welcomed over 400 new patients and helped almost 1000 people with their vision needs. It’s been a fantastic year and I have Cathy, Jo and Sarah to thank for our success.”
Alex and his wife, fellow optometrist Sarah Gage, started practicing at Sandygate Lane on Monday 5th September 2011 following an extensive programme of refurbishment.
Alex said; “The move to Crosspool was prompted by a desire for more space so that we could increase the number of frames that we stock and gives us the capacity to offer sports vision testing and behavioural optometry services.”
Sarah is also delighted with the move and said; “Crosspool is a thriving, family focused community and we want to celebrate our first year and say thank you to the clients who have chosen us.”
Alex has over 20 years experience, a diploma in sports vision and is an accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists. Behavioural Optometry is a discipline whereby the optometrist works with an individual to help them gain a better understanding of what the eyes are seeing. This often helps people, especially children, to understand the information that the eyes give them. Through the careful use of lenses and vision training activities, Behavioural Optometrists facilitate the development of a more efficient and complete visual process. This enhanced visual process leads to improved performance in many areas of life including general movement and co-ordination skills, academic development, in the workplace and in sports and other recreational activities.

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