National Eye Health Week 2011

Reward yourself by loving your eyes

13-19 June 2011 is National Eye Health Week and people in Sheffield are being urged to love their eyes and get them tested as part of the national Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign.

As an additional incentive, other than health and well being, and as part of the Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign, Alex Gage is offering anyone who books an eye exam at either his Woodseats or Broomhill practice during National Eye Health Week, entry into a free prize draw to win an iPad.

 The national awareness week aims to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular eye tests and is pulling together eye care charities, organisations and health professionals from across the UK to persuade people to take their eye health seriously.

Alex Gage said: “Each year we support National Eye Health Week and encourage people to really think about their eye health. It is important that everyone has an eye exam every two years or perhaps more frequently if their optometrist advises, and children should be tested annually.”

Independent community opticians associated with the campaign are dedicated professionals keen to take care of the nation’s sight. It’s often the case that people only book an eye exam when they think they have sight problems, however, an eye exam can identify worrying general health issues that if detected early can be referred.

In a survey* conducted by, a quarter of respondents admitted to not having been for an eye test for more than two years, despite over half thinking they would benefit from an eye test now. More than 40% confessed to not visiting the opticians regularly, with a fifth citing a lack of time for not doing so.

Alex continued: “The health of your eyes is important, and as part of the large awareness drive around Eye Health Week, we are encouraging more people to discover the added value received when visiting an independent optician.

“Practices up and down the country, that are part of the Eye Love My Local Independent Optician campaign, are full of highly skilled professionals that take the time to understand a person and their lifestyle when reviewing the health of their eyes.”

*The survey of 3,000 people was commissioned by and was conducted by One Poll.

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