Sheffield optometrist offers overnight vision solution for hayfever sufferers

As the pollen levels continue to rise, we are offering patients a revolutionary, non surgical treatment for short sightedness (myopia) that helps hayfever sufferers.

We launched the i-GO ortho-k (overnight vision correction) night time contact lens at our practice in Broomhill last year and have been delighted with the success, especially for patients who suffer from hayfever.

Commenting on the night time lens, Alex said; “A high pollen count can present a nightmare for contact lens wearers as the pollen gets trapped beneath the lens and aggravates the eyes that may already be itchy and we don’t recommend the use of eye drops with contact lenses.”

Alex continued: “The number of people affected by hay fever and shortsightedness is on the increase.  Experts warn that hay fever which currently affects around 25% of the UK population could rise to almost 50% by 2030. Shortsightedness has also increased by 66% in the last 30 years and 42% of westerners need eyesight correction. With 7.5% of the adult UK population now wearing contact lenses, the issue of eye problems caused by pollen allergy is a major problem in summer.  The i-GO lens is worn overnight and acts like a dental brace that gently reshapes your eyes whilst you sleep and creates a temporary new structure to the cornea that means that you can read without glasses or contact lenses for up to 24 hours – perfect for when hayfever strikes.”

Alex’s wife, Sarah, a hayfever sufferer who is also an optometrist and partner in the business, has been wearing the i-GO overnight lenses for over a year and said; “I used to wear monthly contact lenses and it was very uncomfortable when the pollen count was high and my eyes were streaming – I couldn’t wait to take my lenses out at night, but now I put the i-Go lens in at night and can use anti-histamine drops safely during the day to minimize the redness and itching.  It’s a win win for me.”

To find out how i-GO Overnight Vision Correction contact lenses work and to see if you are suitable to benefit from this groundbreaking treatment, call either Woodseats (0114) 274 8582 or Broomhill (0114) 266 7066 practice.

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